I trusted previous customers glowing reviews. As it turned out, they did not exaggerate. My experience was wonderful & Matt, Ben & the whole staff at THE PIT SHOP were terrific. I will trust my car's maintenance to them in the future.

5 The Pit Shop Garage 6/21/2017

I have been using Pit shop for over 8 years. I would say Best Auto service that I have ever found. Staff is very knowledgeable, highly skilled and Good Attitude. Owner and Staff is very nice, positive attitude, explain the details of issues, and definitely only fix thing that has issues. I would trust this auto shop rather than Dealer. They care about their Customer and price is very reasonable. Plus they offered free rental car service with Enterprise Highly recommended auto service and totally worth the drive to bring your car there.

5 The Pit Shop Garage 5/26/2017

I had my a/c system checked out by once again Ben (the best mechanic)...he charged up my a/c and was able to bring down my dash outlet temperature readings by eight degrees...he sold me on a service that not only fixed my a/c but it sure smells better...no more mildew smell from the vents.

5 The Pit Shop Garage 5/18/2017

Great service .totalky trust Matt's knowledge and expertise. He also fixed my daughter's car.His prices are affordable.No need to go to the Honda dealer. anymore!

5 The Pit Shop Garage 5/15/2017

Great service,will come back again.

5 The Pit Shop Garage 5/14/2017

The service manager, Matt is very thorough with presenting service options and standard maintenance practices. This really helps the customer with the confidence needed to maintain optimal performance of their vehicle.

5 The Pit Shop Garage 5/11/2017

Service was prompt. The guys, as usual, were friendly. I was so relieved that there wasn't any additional work that needed to be done as there was when I took the care in for an oil change late February 2017. But, it's good they were honest about what needed to be done for safety reasons. Would highly recommend The Pit shop. I especially like that they take the time to explain what not only needs to be done, but how they will approach the repairs.

5 The Pit Shop Garage 5/9/2017

Great Service, warm welcome and super satisfaction!

5 The Pit Shop Garage 5/5/2017

We have used the The Pit Shop for our Automotive Services since their opening.Their service is beyond question. Any repairs deemed necessary are made clear w/any possible options available. Have never felt pressured or taken advantage of.

4.5 The Pit Shop Garage 5/3/2017

Service is efficient and thorough; as if it were their car. Personnel are both professional and friendly.

5 The Pit Shop Garage 5/2/2017