• Warning Signs of Brake Failure

    Wednesday 23 September 2015

    SCREEEEEECH! Is that high pitched screech, squeal or grinding noise coming from your car? Hopefully it was coming from the car in front of you! That noise can indicate that the brake pads are worn and need to be changed – or worse, that they’ve worn down so far that the brake system is being damaged. Unless it just rained or you just got a carwash – in other words, unless your brakes are wet – noises are not a normal part of braking. If your car is making... read more

  • Selling a Used Vehicle

    Wednesday 19 August 2015

    With the new back-to-school season, many parents and college students are considering buying a vehicle to make the daily commute to school a little easier. If you’ve been considering selling your vehicle, now may seem like the right time! But before you do, consider these tips: Gather records for maintenance and repairs. Used car buyers appreciate being able to see the complete history of the vehicle they are buying. Having these records collected and avai... read more

  • Is Battery Corrosion Safe?

    Friday 24 July 2015

    As temperatures rise in Libertyville, we’ve seen more and more customers coming in with failing batteries. One common culprit: Corrosion. Corrosion on your car battery can reflect normal wear and tear on your vehicle as the battery ages, but it can become worse with high temperatures in the summer months. And while it can be okay to see a small amount of corrosion at the terminal, large buildups can signal a problem. Causes of Bat... read more

  • Exhaust System Components and Maintenance

    Wednesday 17 June 2015

    Your vehicle’s exhaust system is one of those things you don’t notice… until you do. Maybe you’ll smell leaking fluids. Or hear loud clicking and noises from the engine. Or see a billowing cloud of grey or green smoke lingering behind you on the road. When everything is working properly, you’ll hardly ever have a reason to think about the exhaust system in your vehicle. So what does the exhaust system do? The ex... read more

  • Oil Leaks can mean Big Problems

    Tuesday 19 May 2015

    The slippery puddle underneath your car means more than just a stain on your driveway. An oil leak can indicate a bigger issue, and left unattended can lead to serious problems for your engine. Engine oil is critical for the performance of your vehicle. As it moves through the engine, it keeps every moving part and component lubricated. Without the oil, friction and heat from these parts rubbing against each other cause premature wear and tear, corrosion, and... read more